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Gentle human touch with the Harvest of 2018

Here Great Winemaking Begins 

11 hedged vineyard acres form the Del Vino  Vineyards. Here, the vineyard team cultivates 5 traditional grape varieties with experience, passion and dedication. This essential human touch brings forth the characteristics of each vintage through a balance of delicate coaxing and gentle restraint.

Del Vino Vineyards Harvest 2022

The 2022 harvest is now complete. The year experienced very moderate temperatures and perfect conditions for flowering which led to a bountiful harvest with exceptional quality. With all of the grapes harvested, the rest of the work remains in the Del Vino Vineyards cellar. We are excited about the 2023 fall harvest!


After the fruit is harvested, the grapevines begin to shut down but before they go dormant, they produce a beautiful sea of gold, yellow and orange across the Del Vino Vineyards. As we move into winter, we enjoy the serenity of Del Vino Vineyards while we await spring thaw.

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