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The Humble Honey Bee

Over the past few years, bees have been getting quite a bit of attention, and rightfully so! These small winged fluffy creatures are extremely important to agriculture. Many people fall under the common misconception that bees pollinate flowers and then lose track of where they go from there. But bees affect many things. Think about it, just about every single person on the planet is affected by bees. Have you eaten blueberries before? Watermelon, tomatoes, nuts, apples, avocados? All of these, and many more agricultural products, are pollinated by bees.

Grapevines may not need bees for pollination, but our cover crops and surrounding plants do. As we count down to our 2022 harvest, the bees are back.

While we are doing our best on our patio to keep the bees at bay, we are limited with options over the next few weeks.

To avoid getting stung, just stay calm and don't swat.

There’s definitely a buzz in the air in LI Wine Country and the humble honey bee deserves a lot of the credit.

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