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Del Vino Vineyards: The First Vineyard along Long Island's Iconic North Shore

The minute you walk onto Del Vino’s property, you understand exactly why Fred and Lisa Giachetti chose the land to house their dream. The winery, located in Northport, is seemingly carved to accommodate grape growth and its spacious element lends to an other-worldly element.

“My family has been making wine for decades in Italy” Lisa tells me as I sip on their ultra smooth Suprema Red Blend, deeply impressed. “It has always been our passion, but never our business… Until now.”

Successfully launched in November 2018, Del Vino became the first vineyard along Long Island’s iconic North Shore wine trail. The interior plays out like a Old World Tuscan castle with ceilings lined with silk - but the ethos of a classic Long Island winery is not lost in the charm.

“We spent so much time testing the soil, having experts like Steve Mudd come, the process was long but we had to make sure this operation was going to be right.” Fred chips in enthusiastically. One thing that is obvious is that they are truly happy with the ending product.

Del Vino Winery also has a gorgeous outdoor space as well as an upstairs that can accommodate a variety of events, from fundraisers to weddings. Del Vino’s opening is landmark as it gives Western Long Island locals and tourists alike a chance to experience a winery without making the long haul to the North Fork or Hamptons.

The Giachetti’s are Italian and bring that spirit to everything from hospitality to food. You’ll find their beaming smiles during hours of operation, manning the ship in a graceful way that emulates the feeling of an Italian home… with food to match! Guests who visit can enjoy their wine with tapas such as imported cheese boards, artichoke formaggio dip, fresh mozzarella and tomato, meatballs and even pizza.

Shining most bright in the operation was the wine. The vineyard and winery currently produces eight wines, three reds (Ultimo Carbernet, Suprema Red Blend and Grande Super Tuscan), three whites (Alto Chardonnay, Bobina Pinot Grigio and Ventola Sauvignon Blanc) as well as a Moscato and Rosé Dolce. Each carries a rich, distinct taste that is undoubtedly a product of their historic, artisan approach to winemaking.

It’s poised to become a Long Island staple given its convenient location, beautiful aesthetic and incredible wine. Run, don’t walk, Long Island! Learn more at

Written by Sal DiBenedetto


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