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Locals Showcase Why “You BeLong” in New Discover Long Island Online Video Series

LONG ISLAND, NY (May 31, 2023) — Discover Long Island, the region’s official and only accredited destination marketing organization has launched a new series of videos that highlight local Long Islanders who love where they live and want to share that passion with fellow residents and potential visitors. The first six videos in the new “You BeLONG” series run approximately three minutes each and feature a “DJ Chef”, chalk artist and children’s book author, the legend of the Long Island bagel and the BECSPK (if you know, you know), Italian and Mexican inspired vineyards and a family-owned Indian restaurant. A trailer for the “You BeLONG” video series can be viewed here.

The new video series is an extension of Discover Long Island’s successful “Where You BeLONG” marketing campaign and promotional video launched in 2018 which invites travelers from across the globe to experience more than a place to visit, but a place where people can “be” together, adventurous, happy, and most importantly, welcomed. The campaign was embraced by not only visitors, but also Long Island residents who love where they live and have continued to purchase large quantities of Discover Long Island merchandise featuring the “Where I BeLONG” tagline.

The embrace of the “BeLONG” messaging by local residents inspired Discover Long Island to produce the new “You BeLONG” video series where a diverse selection of Long Islanders share their unique, authentic stories of why they BeLONG on Long Island. The locals featured take on the role of destination marketers by ending each video by inviting YOU to BeLONG on Long Island.

The video series was produced by Discover Long Island in partnership with Paradise Advertising and EGC Group. The videos can be viewed on Discover Long Island’s YouTube page and website: . Itineraries on how to experience the featured communities were also created and are available on

A digital marketing campaign to promote the video series is slated to launch tomorrow, June 1, 2023, targeting consumers in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC and Long Island and reaching more than 2.5 million viewers. Highlights of the comprehensive campaign include fast, interactive in-feed video content across social media as well as skippable and non-skippable engaging ads on YouTube and Google – capturing audiences as they check Gmail, mobile apps and more.

Additional videos are expected to be added to the series and a social media campaign will invite local businesses to submit their stories of why they BeLONG on Long Island for the chance to be featured in the series or in Discover Long Island’s marketing efforts. Follow Discover Long Island on social media to learn more.


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